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Visit Our Store In AL Quoz & Get Extra Discount | Click Here To Get Store Location 📍قم بزيارة متجرنا في القوز
Wooden Floating Wall Shelves | Order Now - Wooden Twist UAE

Wooden Floating Wall Shelves | Order Now

If you are a minimalist style enthusiast then floating racks are the best option for you. These showcase a clean look with sleek lines. Embracing minimalism, these do not occupy valuable floor space and take up less portion of the wall leaving out the rest for other purposes.

One can hang decorative accessories or practical units to utilize the bare portion. These shelves appear to be always floating around without any means of visible support.

Wooden Wall Shelves

The hardware is hidden under the brackets and that's how the structure gives out an effortless look in the room. It also makes a small space look bigger and airy due to the minimalist design. Wooden floating wall shelves are proven to be more durable and solid than glass and metal ones.

Wood remains a classic and popular choice among homeowners to date. There are various ways to style them around the most compact and tight areas inside the interiors.

Entryways and Hallways

The Entryways and Hallways are a few of those spaces in the house our guests notice the most when they visit us. These should be designed with the most decorative pieces instead of being overlooked. If designed right, these areas can turn out to be the most functional and visually appealing.

Wall shelves

One can install floating wall shelves in this space and display trophies, mementos, and photo frames on the top of the panels. That will showcase the personality of the house owners to the people from outside. If you want to put all your keys in an organized manner then the front door can be utilized for the same. In this way, the useful keys won't be lost.

In Place of the Nightstand

 If one doesn't have a nightstand in the bedroom then one can use floating shelves instead. It will take up less space and can help you place water bottles, alarm clocks, soft toys, chargers, mobile phones, etc. on the top. One can also create a gorgeous nook by displaying beautiful pieces on the same. In this way, the floor area can also be the least occupied.

Gallery Wall

To create a gorgeous look on the wall, one does not need to attach or hang photo frames. They can also opt for a gallery wall look by attaching wooden wall shelves and displaying beautiful artifacts on the same. Choose a uniform design or shape for a better look. This will also protect the wall from the risk of breakage due to holes for installation.

Floating Wall Shelves

In the Bedroom

There is always a bare space above the headboard which can be utilized in many ways. We can always decorate it by fixing shelves and placing books, vases, and photos on the same. It will become a focal point of attraction in the bedroom. One should just be careful that they do not hang it too high so that they do not end up hurting their head.


One can also create a mini bar in the kitchen with the help of these racks. Place Wine glasses and bottles on the top of the panels by adding a bit of greenery to finish the look. It will look great and you can also use these shelves to keep things like dishware and drinkware handy.

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