Decorative Serving Trays Online UAE

Serving your guests has never been so fun. These Decorative Serving Trays in UAE are handcrafted by our talented artisans with utmost care. These are great for regular use & can also be can be gifted to friends & family also. Be the best host ever with these super decorative serving trays and let your guests gush over these serving trays!

Serving Trays

Premium Wooden Serving Tray

Dhs. 64.00

Triangular Handcarved Pickle Holder

Dhs. 120.00Dhs. 149.00

Classic Sheeham Wood Serving Tray

Dhs. 64.00

Wooden Serving Tray/Table Décor (Set of 3)

Dhs. 153.00

Wooden Serving Tray/Table Décor

Dhs. 157.00

Fine Wooden Serving Tray

Dhs. 106.00