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Visit Our Store In AL Quoz & Get Extra Discount | Click Here To Get Store Location 📍قم بزيارة متجرنا في القوز
Storage Ottoman Designs in Dubai - Wooden Twist UAE

Storage Ottoman Designs in Dubai

Do you want to pick something from the top shelf or the cupboard? A chair won't be enough and you might end up hurting yourself. That's why we recommend having a stool to put an end to all these problems.

This is a small, versatile seating that can be used in many ways around the house. Colorful poufs and solid storage ottomans are known to make a style statement in the home or office. These are completely upholstered in fabrics.
Today, we will give you a few tips to use a wood stool -

Wooden stool to raise height - If you want to pick up a book from the top shelf in the house or want to bring a jar of pickles down from the cupboard. All you have to do is get a solid step stool and use it safely whenever required. It can provide the best height for your kids as well to stand and get anything down.

Plants stand - The same low seat can be used to elevate the height of decorative objects and add more character to the space. Well, you can place plants on the top to create a small garden on the balcony.

The mix of wood and greens will bring a beautiful look. Also, this setup will allow plants to be exposed to more natural light and spread their liveliness around.
Wooden Stool
Dressing Table - If you don't have the space to incorporate an actual one or the budget to afford it, no worries. You can always add a gorgeous pouffee & ottoman design to the vanity room.

Now place scrunchies, hair pins, combs, etc. in a basket on the top. One can also use it as a seat while putting on their shoes like the Victorian upper-class ladies used the slipper chair.

A kids' study desk and seating - A great way to utilize these low seats is by placing them in the study room of kids. Give a beautiful setup by placing both the rectangular and round sto. Kids find them lightweight and easy to use. They also use them easily to stand and brush their teeth or wash their hands in the basin.


Footrest - One of the most common ways to utilize a pouffe & ottoman design is using it as a footrest. Whenever there is a pain in the feet, just put them up on the soft pouf and relax. If the same complements the fabric or color of the rocking chair you are sitting on then it's like a cherry on the top for home decor too.

Beds for Pets - The most comfortable bed is the top of a fur pouf. It can be perfectly suitable for a pet. The smooth and soft base soothes the pets to sleep in comfort.

Bedside Table - Many Homeowners use these furniture pieces as bedside tables. The sturdy and durable wooden structure can be perfect for placing essentials like a glass of water, alarm clocks, remotes, phone chargers, etc.

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